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Dedication to our brands, an insistence on authenticity, and a business model that prioritizes relationships with the communities we serve all play a part to help make Encinal Brands® designed for today and tomorrow.

Owning our restaurant franchises under the Encinal Brands® umbrella connects you with a network of authentic restaurant franchise brands, and gives you the tools for growth.

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    Ivan Flores Founder and long time Restauranteur

    Ivan Flores, Encinal Brands® founder and CEO, has enjoyed a deep love of Mexican food since his early childhood spent on his grandparents’ El Encinal Ranch in Baja California.

    The culture and cuisine stayed with Ivan, and when he opened his first restaurant, there was only one name he could imagine using.

    El Encinal Restaurant gave Ivan experience in the food industry, and taught him how to translate his affection for the heritage and flavors of quick service food into a new brand.

    In 2013, Ivan opened his first The Buffalo Spot restaurant in Long Beach, California. The brand was an immediate hit with guests and gave him the inspiration to start work on a larger concept.

    When Ivan established Encinal Brands® in 2018, he began to bring his plan to fruition.

    The first Blue Burro restaurant opened the next year, and like The Buffalo Spot, soon became a much-loved and craved institution. Today, Ivan, and Encinal Brands® , are on the move again. And we’re just getting started.

    The Value In Owning an Encinal Brands®
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    Encinal Brands® has some of the hottest franchise brands in the restaurant business, and we’re spreading the word across the country. We are a family of brands that people love.


    to aid every owner and give them what they need to build their business.


    recognizing diverse viewpoints, incorporating them into the decision-making process.


    that give every meal we serve authenticity and inform our preparation techniques.


    to encourage cross-franchise purchasing and help make portfolio diversification easy.


    from a team of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in the field.

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