The quick-service, or fast-casual franchise model has been part of the American landscape for generations, and the businesses that use it are familiar sights on the country’s roadways and in its cities.

Traditionally, a quick-service restaurant approach has often focused exclusively on speed and quantity, sometimes at the expense of the food quality that can help a brand grow. Getting as many customers fed and back on their way as possible has been the priority for many franchises.

Encinal Brands takes a different approach to the fast-casual franchise model, and it’s helping us shake up the category

We take a simple approach in everything we do, and have an eye for authenticity, multiple franchise availability for cross-brand investment, and the support to help us grow. Our owners know they’re working together to transform the business, and it gives us a sense of purpose and energy.

At Encinal Brands, we’re ready for tomorrow, and we’re looking to bring the quick-service industry with us as we lead the way.


Even for the best fast-casual franchises, it can sometimes be a struggle to keep complexity from creeping in and complicating things.

It’s often a natural part of business to follow the newest and latest fads and fashions, which can lead to a bloated menu, quality dilution, and other potential issues that can discourage growth. Encinal Brands recognizes the concerns that complexity can bring, and works to keep things simple.

We make simplicity part of everything we do. It guides our menu choices across our fast-casual franchises, from our border-style taquerias to our authentic burrito brand, to our Buffalo wings franchise.

Instead of challenging our customers with pages of options and low skill, we offer a menu of favorites, prepared with love and care. And that dedication to simplicity is part of our business model as well, with clear guidance and a drive to build a new way of operating in the industry.

Encinal Brands believes in the power of simple, clear options done well, and it’s helped position our franchises for future development.


The world has changed in countless ways, and that transformation is affecting the business world. Many of today’s customers are different from the traditional fast-casual franchise guests of the past, with a desire for authenticity driving their dining choices.

That need for authentic meal choices is why Encinal Brands focuses on food with a history, prepared by people who understand the heritage behind each bite.

We make authenticity part of our mission. Every menu item our brands serve, from burritos to tacos to wings, has been lovingly developed as a reflection of the cultures we come from.

That authenticity extends to the environments we create at our fast-casual franchises, and helps Encinal Brands deliver the welcoming, bustling, high-energy spirit of a corner taqueria, burrito restaurant, or wings spot, no matter the location.

Cross-Brand Investment

Fast-casual franchises have come a long way in a few decades. What was once an industry dominated by single brands working to establish a foothold in one geographic area before expanding, has changed over time into a business that encourages cross-brand development.

Having a stake in more than one brand can make good business sense, and it helps owners develop synergistic relationships across multiple franchises that can benefit them all. And cross-brand ownership can become a practical option when prospective owners sign with an umbrella company, or parent brand.

Parent companies like Encinal Brands have already established themselves across varied franchises that serve different customer bases. We’ve done the legwork to create our brands, and that can place our owners in a favorable spot to sign on with more than one.

We believe in cross-brand investment, and back up that belief with multi-brand purchase discount options to help our owners find the businesses that best connect with them.


What’s the most important assistance a fast-casual franchise brand can provide to its owners? Simplicity, authenticity, and cross-brand investment options are crucial, but robust and ongoing support can be just as essential to helping new owners build their businesses.

At Encinal Brands, industry-leading support is part of the way we work.

Every brand in our family of franchises provides the kind of support our owners need to move forward with confidence. That assistance starts from the moment they connect with us, and continues through the onboarding process with training and one-on-one sessions to help them learn how to operate the Encinal way.

Our support doesn’t end when our owners open their doors, either. We’re there to help them get started, and are ready to step in and lend a hand whenever it’s needed.

Encinal Brands makes sure our owners know they’re never alone, and it helps give them peace of mind and a sense of security as they look to expand their customer base.

Start Your Fast-Casual Franchise with Encinal Brands

Operating a franchise in modern times requires a new approach to the business — the brands that work within a parent company could be placed for expansion. Simplicity, authenticity, the potential for cross-brand ownership, and expert and ongoing support are all factors in franchise growth.

Encinal Brands understands the potential of the quick-service industry, and we’ve built a franchise model to lead the way to the future.

We give our owners the kind of assistance they need, and our position as a parent brand helps us provide vision, guidance, and a shared belief in a business model built for today.

Encinal Brands is on the move, and we’re looking for prospective owners to come with us as we grow into new territories.

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