Becoming a franchise owner, and having a stake in the restaurant business, is the dream for many people with drive, energy, and ambition. It’s an option that can connect a potential owner with a company like Encinal Brands and give them a start on the next stage in their life and career.

Joining a restaurant company can be a big step, and it needs careful consideration and lots of research.

Taking a step-by-step approach to the process, and knowing what to look for during the search, can help prospective owners get started on the right foot. It’s a systematic, reasoned way of tackling the restaurant business and can provide a framework to aid future owners on their journey.

  • Look at the industry.
  • Get to know the brands.
  • Meet your brand’s leadership.
  • Open your doors, and start serving!

Beginning the franchising experience with these common-sense points can aid in making the franchise experience smooth and help potential owners find their place in today’s business landscape.

Look at the Industry

Any examination of the restaurant business should start with the big picture.

Getting an idea of the industry is often the best way. It’s a prudent move to take and can show future owners which restaurant brands to look further into.

Ask the big questions: what kind of growth history does the industry have? And how is it expected to perform in the next few years?

In the case of Encinal Brands, that means looking into both the fast-casual industry, also called the quick-service or fast-food industry, and the Mexican restaurant industry. And both industries are growing.

The fast-casual and Mexican-restaurant industries have been part of American business for generations, with decades of steady expansion behind them. The years to come are projected to see continued growth in the restaurant business.

That could take ownership in one of Encinal Brands’ taco franchises, a smart option for people looking for a brand ready to move into new territories.

Get to Know the Brands

Ensuring the industry is in good health can be essential to joining the restaurant business as an owner, but it’s only the beginning. Once industry concerns are addressed, potential owners can start reviewing the brands within those industries.

Close-up inspection of the brand should be a priority for future owners.

Everything about the franchise should get the microscope treatment, including fee structure, past performance, and plans.

Brands must make their Franchise Disclosure Documentation public, which can be a treasure trove of information for a prospective owner. Get familiar with these documents; don’t be afraid to ask questions if concerns aren’t addressed.

This is the point when Encinal Brands often becomes the front-runner for future owners.

Our franchise model is designed for simplicity and to be quick-start, quick-open. And our family of brands helps new owners find their ideal restaurant business, whether in our Tacomasa, Blue Burro, or Buffalo Spot franchise (or maybe all three!).

Meet the Leadership

After getting to know the industry and finding the franchise within the restaurant business that best connects with them, it’s time for potential owners to meet the team behind the brand.

Face time with senior brand leadership is a key step in the ownership process. It allows all parties to get to know each other, size up the situation, and determine whether they can all work together.

Meeting the franchise leadership is a sort of audition. Everyone wants to feel comfortable working together to build the business before committing.

At Encinal Brands, we value our relationships above all else, and that’s why we make our Discovery Days a required part of any new owner’s journey with us.

Every potential owner of an Encinal Brands franchise meets with our CEO and founder, Ivan Flores, and other key franchise team members. These meetings help us find owners who fit our goals and share our belief in the power of high standards and streamlined operations to help us grow the brand.

Open Your Doors!

Finding the right franchise in the restaurant business can be challenging, but it’s an experience that can match future owners with the right brand and help them select the brand that reflects their way of working.

For new owners of an Encinal Brands franchise, no matter the brand, signing with us means getting our backing and support during this exciting period in the process.

We’ve been building out and opening up franchise locations for years, and we’ve developed plans to get our franchises open and serve the public as soon as possible.

Our network of realtors assists with selecting the ideal location for the franchise. And our expert build team is ready to swing into action to get the new restaurant into shape for Grand Opening.

We make sure every owner and their staff get trained in our operations and stand by to lend a hand whenever needed. Encinal Brands believes in giving our owners the support they need to build their businesses, and we back it up with actions.

Get Your Restaurant Business Started with Encinal Brands

Franchise ownership can transform a person’s life and career, allowing them to develop into tomorrow’s leaders.

And Encinal Brands can help potential owners find the best brand for them.

We’re in industries that have been expanding for years and are expected to continue doing so in the future. So our brand is geared to aid our owners in their growth. And we’ve got robust support to help our owners focus on developing their customer base and expanding the brand.

At Encinal Brands, we’re on a mission to shake up the industry and prepare to move into new territories.

Want to find out more? Contact us today, and let us help you find your franchise!