The business world is changing, and the people who change with it are best positioned for personal and professional development. Today’s restaurant franchises are a perfect example of this shift, and can give brands that work within the umbrella and guidance of a parent company the tools they need for growth.

It’s a modern approach to fast casual franchises, one that helps parent brands like Encinal Brands shape the future of the industry.

What makes owning a restaurant franchise with Encinal Brands a smart option for many prospective owners? It’s a variety of factors, beginning with a simplified take on the business; launching with an eye on future growth; focused, experienced leadership at the top, and a family of brands that offer the kind of dining experiences today’s customers love.

Encinal Brands is ready to expand, and we’re excited for what’s to come. Here’s why.

1. Simplicity

One of the hazards of operating a restaurant franchise today is the potential for “item creep.” It’s a problem that we’ve all experienced — walking into a restaurant, and seeing new food options on the menu.

It’s a way of doing business that can crowd out old favorites, and create a constant churn of new products that then have to be renewed regularly to maintain customer enthusiasm. This style of franchising often results in clutter and a dilution of overall quality that can affect the entire menu, and have long-term implications for the restaurant franchise.

Encinal Brands takes a different tack in our franchises, and makes sure every item we sell gets the same careful, considered treatment, every time. It’s in our menus, which we keep clean and streamlined, without relying on the latest fad or newest novelty food.

Simplicity is a concept that drives Encinal Brands. We built it into our franchise models, helping us to maintain our strict standards for quality.

2. Ready to Grow

What separates the restaurant franchises with potential from the rest? For many brands, day-to-day operations take precedence over anything else, and that can lead to a lack of flexibility when considering expansion.

That way of working was fine in the past, but the pace of everything has accelerated, and today’s restaurant franchises need to be ready to jump whenever there’s an opening. That means being built for growth from the ground up.

Encinal Brands understands that our franchise owners need to be expansion-ready from day one, and we make it part of our business model.

Every owner in the Encinal Brands family of franchises gets the tools for growth when they sign with us, and we work to give them everything they need to develop their business. We believe in, and encourage, cross-brand ownership within our group of franchises, and are there to lend a hand to help make it happen.

3. Leadership

One of the key aspects of restaurant franchise ownership is goal-setting and maintaining forward momentum. A business that sits still is one in risk of falling behind.

Avoiding that potential issue requires operating with a clear sense of direction, having ambitions beyond the daily concerns, and leading with experience and a plan for how to achieve those aims.

Encinal Brands realize that franchise brands with defined objectives and experienced leadership could be best placed for potential expansion. It’s a responsibility our founder and CEO, Ivan Flores, takes to heart and works every day to provide.

Ivan’s spirit and drive power our operations, and his experience and institutional knowledge inform everything we do. Our focus on simplicity and quality isn’t by accident — it’s how Ivan was raised, and it gives him, and the Encinal Brands family, daily direction.

With Ivan Flores at the helm, Encinal Brands has top-down leadership that knows where we want to go, and has a plan to help us get there.

4. A Family of Brands

Every prospective restaurant franchise owner wants to find the best option for them. We’re all different people from different backgrounds, and that can impact what kind of franchise most fits our personality.

Encinal Brands knows that choice and variety are essential elements of the franchising experience, and we’ve built our brands to offer that to our future owners. Our family of franchises provides owners with a range of options, each distinct and with its own personality and charm.

  • The Buffalo Spot — our first franchise brand, and home of our World Famous Buffalo Fries. The original, and a guest favorite.
  • Blue Burro — a high-energy, high-quality franchise serving authentic Mexican food, made to order- fast and good. Burritos, fries, and shakes.
  • Tacomasa — The flavors and feel of a Tijuana taqueria, around the corner in the neighborhood. Tacos, quesadillas, and other classics.

Our franchise family can give potential owners the choice they need to find a brand that reflects their business style, and help them get their start with us in a venue that best suits them.

Own a Restaurant Franchise with Encinal Brands

Today’s business landscape is different from that of our parents and grandparents. Simplicity, readiness to grow, experienced leadership, and a wide range of options are hallmarks of the modern franchise, and can impact future potential for growth.

Encinal Brands was created to meet present-day demands, and give our owners support and direction. We’ve got a growing family of exciting brands, and a leader with a vision for our future.

We’re ready for tomorrow, and we’re looking for new owners to come with us as we prepare to expand into new territories.

Want to learn more? Contact Encinal Brands today, and find your fit with us!